By Your Side

I lie awake at night, watching you sleep
Tracing the lines and contours of your face.

Your eyelids twitch and I wonder what you’re dreaming.

Are you dreaming of me and the love we share?

Am I the star in the play of your dreams?

Or do I play a mere supporting role?

I listen to your soft breathing;

That blissful melody that warms my heart.

Your chest rises as I run my fingers through the soft,

Feathery matting of hair.

Ah, my Alpha-male, your beauty is intoxicating.
I watch as the moonlight caresses your soft skin,

Illuminating your beauty in the still of the night.

Inhaling your heady, masculine scent,

I am drunk; high on your beauty and the night.

I snuggle closer as your arms lock me in a tight embrace

I close my eyes and revel in the feeling,

For I can’t remember when last I was
At peace with life and love.
In your warm embrace I realise

That this is what I’ve always longed for;

A place by your side.



IG and Twitter: @akeelahreigns23

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